Direct to consumer philosophy

Built In America For You, Not Retailers

There’s a better way to buy high-quality performance hunting gear without the markup.

Navy SEALs customize their clothing and gear to operate more efficiently and intuitively in combat situations. Although built for the hunting field rather than the battlefield, our line of performance gear is designed with the same goals in mind. And so is our business model.

From Day One, our company has been driven by three core principles—

-Produce gear designed by, and made to satisfy the demands of, a former Navy SEAL

-Build our gear in America. Always has been. Always will be.

-Offer gear that delivers a great value and experience for hunters.

The only way we can constantly deliver on these promises is to eliminate the traditional retail model and sell directly to hunters like you. There are several very simple reasons why.   

We are firmly committed to building our gear in America. While others manufacture their products in foreign countries using cheap labor, we have chosen to use more expensive domestic factories because we believe supporting American workers is the right thing to do.

We use the very best fabrics, zippers, snaps and accessories available to meet our high quality standards. Those materials can be expensive.

We are devoted to providing great value for hunters, and that’s not possible using conventional wholesale/retail methods. Retailers buy products from wholesalers. With both adding in their profit margins, you are left with an inflated cost.

By selling our high-performance gear directly to you, we actually save you money by avoiding the typical retail markups. That, in turn, allows us to innovate even more without needing approval from the retail channel (often concerned about their margins). And that means you get better products at a lower price.

But above all, selling direct allows us to create an ongoing relationship with you. We can share hunting stories with each other. Training tips with each other. We can update you on new products and listen to your opinions. All without working through a middleman.

Because when it comes to promoting conservation, education, hunters’ rights, American workers and the factories they support, we’re all in this together. 

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