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What happens when you tell Stephen Holley he can't do something.

When Stephen Holley founded the new innovative outdoor apparel brand called SIXSITE, he was adamant that all of his self-designed SIXSITE gear would be assembled right here in the USA. Does a performance outdoor and hunting brand get any better than Navy SEAL-designed and USA made? Dannie and Brad don’t think so. The SIXSITE brand is made with the Frogman Mentality. “Starting a company, climbing a mountain, raising a family, drawing back for the shot—it all starts and ends with the right mind-set. We’ll help you find yours.”

This is Stephen Holley’s unfinished story. Please Enjoy.

Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=1KjzubE8qOM&app=desktop (04:50)

Full Podcast: https://warriormindsetpodcast.com/stephen-holly-sixsite/ (51:16)



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