Remington Custom SIXSITE Edition

Few weapons share the military, law enforcement and hunting history to that of the Remington 700. Navy SEAL Veteran & SIXSITE founder Stephen Holley along with fellow Veteran & SEAL Sniper Jeff Wobig head to Remington’s Custom Shop in Sturgis, SD to put the finishing touches on the most versatile hunting rifle ever built. The SIXSITE EDITION REMINGTON CUSTOM 700.


The Custom 700 SIXSITE Edition is an exciting collaboration between the Remington Custom Shop and SIXSITE gear. It is built to exact specifications on a blueprinted stainless 700 action and complimented with a premium stainless barrel in the caliber of your choice. The barreled action is fully bedded to a high quality carbon fiber stock made by A.G. Composites weighing in at a mere 27oz. The stock features a custom hand painted cerakote paint job in the SIXSITE (RANA) pattern which was developed to blend organic textures and digital elements. The result is an extremely versatile and innovative camouflage pattern. Both RANA Brown and Grey will be available.

Call a Remington Custom Dealer today or the Custom Center directly to order yours. (605) 347-4686 or email
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