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We develop performance hunting gear for a new generation of hunters who train for the chase. Our gear is built in America and sold directly to you. Join our story by sharing our story.

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DSC Welcomes SIXSITE Gear as Platinum Sponsor - March 21, 2017
SIXSITE supports DSC as a platinum sponsor in efforts to promote conservation, education, and hunters' rights.
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Stephen Holley from SIXSITE sits down with Tomi from The Blaze - July 5, 2016

Stephen Holley's SIXSITE interview with WFFA - December 5, 2016

Former Navy SEAL Fights to Stitch Together American Dream - July 5, 2016
An all-American boy, who lived a life of fishing and bow hunting, grew up to become an American patriot. What he learned as a Navy SEAL is helping him achieve an American dream. 
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SIXSITE Founder Knows Exactly What Sets His New Hunting Gear Apart - June 23, 2016
After much anticipation, SIXSITE launches the newest big game hunting line. Designing and building a hunting apparel line that brought intuition and functionality to the market. 
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5 New Hunting Camo Patterns, Plus Our Camo Survey Results - June 20, 2016
Smaller companies are desigining some of today's greatest camo patterns and number one on the list is SIXSITE's innovative, proprietary RANA® camo pattern.
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Learn About This Former Navy SEAL’s New Hunting Apparel Company SIXSITE - June 4, 2016
Former SEAL Team member, Stephen Holley, has devoted his life's next chapter to a promising hunting apparel line, SIXSITE.
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SIXSITE: Practical, American-Made Camo for Any Field - January 18, 2016
Made for the backcountry and built in ours, SIXSITE hunting apparel is American built. 
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